GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Paul Batz, CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises of Edina, a coaching company that focuses on companies’ responsibility to radiate goodness, has just launched a new initiative. Good Leadership Press is a publishing company that will publish two or three books a year that are 100 pages long or less, and have real world research and examples of how people can excel in a particular subject related to growth in business.

The Press’ debut title, “The Bucket List Book,” will officially release on Friday, June 23. In addition to the books, each book bundle offered includes a HANDy Paint Pail. This is because the idea for The Bucket List Book came out of Batz’s relationship with the inventor and aspirational thinker Mark Bergman, whose HANDy Paint Pail has revolutionized the painting industry. "The Bucket List Book” explores how aspirational thinking improves life and leadership.