MINNEAPOLIS - Growing up trying to please everyone, Alissa Daire Nelson earned a nursing degree, got married and had two children.

Yet, she says, there was something missing.

"I knew I wasn't living the fullest life that I could," she says. "So I did some assessments and realized that encouragement and coaching was the career I was meant to follow."

She now heads Daire Success Coaching in the Twin Cities with the goal of helping female entrepreneurs and small business owners realize their full potential.

The Roseville native has also penned a new book, "Frustrated To Frickin' Awesome," that provides a four-step action plan to teach people how to change their attitude about personal failure to allow confidence and growth to take place. She joined us on KARE 11 News at 4 to discuss the new book and her career.

To find out more about coaching and Alissa Daire Nelson's new book, visit her website.