GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – It’s pretty common knowledge that red wine goes well with streak and white wine goes well with fish. What about taking food and drink pairings to the next level?

Pittsburgh Blue Executive Chef Miguel Urrutia stopped by KARE 11 at 4 to showcase some pairings that you may have never thought of.

Chef Miguel also whips up the following recipes:

“Blushing Blue Cosmo”
It’s a color changing cocktail which uses a colored cube containing butterfly pea flowers frozen inside it
The flower is used to color food naturally, mainly in Asian cuisine. It “Blushes” with the addition of acid and changes from blue to lavender and sometimes fuchsia.
It’s tart & sweet and pairs well with something buttery, like the Scallops Benedict. The citrus in the cocktail will cut through the richness of the hollandaise sauce and the sweetness will complement the salty, smoky bacon.

Citrus Vodka 1.5oz
Orange Liqueur .5oz
Cranberry Peach Juice 1oz
Lime Juice .5oz
Simple Syrup .5oz
Butterfly Pea Flower cube
Shake & strain over blue cube. Serve immediately
Sea Scallop Recipe:
4 portions
12 scallops, preferable large size
1 cup hollandaise sauce
Brioche bread

For the sauce
1 cup clarified butter
1/4 hot water
1/4 cup egg yolks
1 table spoon lemon juice
1 tea spoon kosher salt
1 tea spoon Tabasco sauce

In a sauce pan heat clarified butter to 120*, once the butter is hot mix water, egg yolks, lemon juice, Tabasco and salt and mix until everything is well incorporated, add the butter to it very slow and whip until the sauce has the desired thickness (about 5 minutes if it’s by hand or 1 minute if it’s with an immersion blender.)

For the scallops:
In a non-stick pan heat 1 tbsp. of butter, once pan is very hot cook the scallops for about 3 minutes on each side, season with salt and pepper.
While getting the scallops done, cut the cooked bacon into 1" squares and cut the bread into squares the size of the scallops, toast the bread with butter in a pan on one side.
To serve arrange the bread squares on a plate, top it with 1 square of bacon and 1 scallop, finish with the hollandaise sauce and garnish with paprika.