MINNEAPOLIS - Looking for something special for dad or a graduate? Gadget guy and author, Steve Greenberg brought some cool high tech show and tell to the 4pm newscast today. Here' is a complete listing of the things that were featured.

You can find out more about Steve by going to his website, just click here.

Anki DRIVE --is the ultimate gift for any dad who's a kid at heart or is looking for new fun ways to spend time with his kids. It's a racing game that he can play on the living room floor. Only, unlike the slot cars of his youth, these cars are souped up with artificial intelligence and robotics. It's part racetrack-- part combat zone-- all out high-speed fun. The computer smart cars don't just try to outrun you, they try to outsmart you as well. To get started, simply roll out the track and pick a car. Then power up the app and engage your weapons. Dad's now ready to battle it out with up to four family members (or friends), or he can play against the AI (artificial intelligence) car. The cars can even drive and strategize on their own. Like a video game, the more you play the more powerful your car becomes. Points earned in battle can be redeemed for upgrades to your cars' weapons and capabilities. The starter kit is $199 at Anki.com, Apple Stores, Amazon.com, and Best Buy stores. And, brand new for Father's Day – two new cars and tracks are available that make gameplay more strategic, more chaotic and all around more fun! All you need to play is an iPhone 4S and above, iPad mini or a newer iPad or iPod touch. www.anki.com

UniKey powers the first Bluetooth Smart keyless entry system that can be integrated into just about any lock, the Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKey. With the Kevo smartlock, your smartphone becomes your convenient, universal electronic key (eKey). No more fumbling around for your keys; simply walk up to Kevo lock and without even having to remove your phone from your pocket or purse, you have touch-to-open access. You'll no longer have to juggle shopping bags, boxes, coffee, or strollers while looking for your keys. Through the iOS app or web portal, users can manage locks, send or revoke eKey access to family or friends, and even view lock history of who accessed the home. The Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKey is available now via the Apple Store and is also available through other retailers with an MSRP of $219 including Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. For more info about the technology that makes Kevo smart, check out www.UniKey.com

Wahl Lithium Ion Grooming Products –Wahl's powerful line of lithium ion grooming tools are just what you need to help dad stay—or get—in style. The Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer and Lithium Ion Clipper both offer longer run time and more power than standard rechargeable tools. This, plus their patented blade technology, means a precise and even cut without any pulling or snagging. Both products come with all the accessories dads need—guide combs, interchangeable heads for custom grooming plus a handy travel bag. The Quick Style Lithium Power Trimmer is also a powerful, yet compact option to meet all dad's grooming needs, including light facial hair trimming and detailing of the ears, nose and brows. Quick Style is $19.99. The grooming lineup is available at major retailers nationwide for under $70. For more product information or grooming tips, visit www.wahlgrooming.com

Zazzle Personalized Watches--offers amazing watches that can be customized with a photo or even with a name or a monogram. These watches are perfect gifts for the graduate, or for Dad for Father's Day. The Vintage styled eWatchFactory Watch is a big-faced timepiece that will never go out of style. Featuring a three-hand quartz movement and genuine leather strap, this watch's classic look is great for formal or fun occasions. Customize the face with your name and designs to make a watch perfectly matched to your personality and style. The May28th watches are glossy plastic and come in 14 different colors. This watch can be customized with your photos and graphics, and bonus - you can mix and match the colors and finishes. Zazzle – www.zazzle.com - is an online marketplace where you can buy and make anything customized from iPhone cases to shirts and more. Zazzle's proprietary technology lets users create billions of unique products. Based in the Bay Area, Zazzle is making products to order, typically within 24 hours. Zazzle's vision is to redefine commerce, powered by the world's imagination. Zazzle has more than 95 million different products! The Zazzle watches start at $45.95 http://www.zazzle.com/photo+watcheshttp://www.zazzle.com/fathers+day+gifts

Vor-Power™ Flexible Battery Strap — There's no need to search frantically for an outlet again. Vor-Power is power that is with you all the time, it is easy to access and comfortable – integrated seamlessly into a padded shoulder strap for your bag. These battery packs are made for people who want to be able to charge their devices - phones, tablets, anything USB or microUSB compatible - without carrying around battery bricks. Great for travelers, commuters, or students. Ergonomically shaped and cushioned, Vor-Power can velcro onto existing messenger bag straps up to 2.5 inches wide, providing comfort in addition to power. With 7,200 mAh capacity, these packs can recharge phones up to 5 times providing over 50 hours of talk or browsing time. Available in a standard black edition and a Father's Day "World's Greatest Dad" edition, as well as with custom company logos. Vor-Power starts at $89.99 for more info or to order go to www.Vor-Power.com

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Opener --is for Dads who want peace of mind and a lot more control over the biggest door into their home. Do you ever ask yourself if you've closed the garage door after you've left the house? Just a quick glance at the MyQ app on your smart phone shows you if the garage is open or closed, and one tap on the screen opens or closes it from anywhere. MyQ can even send alerts if your garage door has been open for a specified period of time. Whether you're vacationing thousands of miles away or across town at soccer practice, you can close your garage door if you forgot, and even open it to let the kids in after school. MyQ Garage installs in minutes without touching any wires, and requires just WiFi to the garage, a screwdriver and step ladder. Just download the free app to your smartphone, pair the app to the device in your garage, and MyQ does the rest. MyQ is a great new product for Father's Day, planning for summer vacation, and peace of mind anytime. You can find MyQ Garage online at Amazon.com, and at retail and online at Home Depot, Apple and Verizon stores. Price is $129.99 with one garage door sensor, and a second garage door sensor sells for $59.99. For more info go to http://www.chamberlain.com/smartphone-control-products/smartphone-connectivity