NEW HOPE, Minn. -- Sometimes it's the last thing on your list that sends you over the edge. Getting the kids' lunch ready for the next day.

Looking to grow a space that already seems red-hot, local and employee-owned CobornsDelivers rolled out its brown bag lunch kits in time for the new school year.

"This is a solution for our time-starved parents," said Hartmann. "When you think about the busy lives they lead, we can prepare the lunch kits for the kids -- kids get up in the morning and they can grab and go."

The company is already competing with the likes of Blue Apron, Plated and other national services with its dinner meal kits. In June, CobornsDelivers surveyed customers about a lunch kit. The response was positive enough Coborns worked with a nutritionist to create brown bag lunches that are healthy, taste good and appealing to kids.

Nearly three weeks into the launch and Coborns is noticing a trend. "The main focus was the kids, getting ready for back to school, and we're seeing adults respond to them," explained CobornsDelivers general manager Dave Hartmann. "This is a real bonus."

It sure is. Hartmann says the company has more than doubled the business they thought they would do in the first two and a half weeks of launch.

Hartmann says adults are taking the kits to work, and some work places are ordering them in bulk for employees. At $4.49 per brown bag, it can be a cheaper alternative to catering from elsewhere.

You can order just a day in advance, and there's no meal kit subscription. You do need to have a Coborns account.

Hartmann thinks the market for meal kits will continue to grow- pointing toward millennials who want some element of "home-made" while still having the convenience of someone else doing part of the busy work.