Both Bill and Willie Geist are award-winning journalists who have never been at a loss for words. So you might assume that over the years the easy flow of conversation between these two would have included all the basic, mandatory father-son topics, such as sex, drinking, and career options. But you'd be wrong. Make no mistake, the Geists are a supportive and close-knit family, but somehow the discussion of important life issues just never happened—until now.

In "Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees…and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have," Bill and Willie finally tackle the big subjects they didn't quite get around to while Willie was growing up. Riffing on everything from fatherhood, religion, and music, to sports, summer camp disasters, driving lessons gone horribly wrong, being on TV, and their wonderfully odd family life, this talented father-son team shares stories of their heartwarming relationship and laugh together at their shared journey.

Willie spoke with Sunrise about the reason he decided to write the book with his dad.

After Bill went public with his struggle with Parkinson's disease, the Geists decided to collaborate on the book so their children and grandchildren would have a record of their unique bond. Now that Willie is a father (and Bill a grandfather), Willie has continued Bill's child-rearing traditions in the hopes of carrying on the riotous Geistian parenting legacy. The result is delightfully entertaining. Publishers Weekly raves:

"As the pages turn, the tales become more personal and [present] humor, insight, and cheeky advice for guys of all ages… Though these days both Geists are TV hosts/journalists by trade, prose suits them equally well, allowing each to be more off-color and more in-depth in their storytelling."