GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - I See Me has released a brand new book titled "I'm an All-Star!" - which is sports focused. The book targets Preschoolers 2-6 years old who are just playing sports for the first time. I See Me's mission is to increase children's confidence and to celebrate the uniqueness of each child. This is done by custom personalization, where the child is the star of the book.

I See Me publishers Maia and Allan Haag visited KARE 11 sunrise to explain how The "I'm an All-Star!" personalized storybook teaches child how to be a great team player. In this book, an ALL-STAR means:

#1: Having a positive attitude

#2: Being a good sport

#3: Always playing by the rules

#4: Practicing, practicing, practicing!

#5: Encouraging others on your team

#6: Taking care of your body

"Gwyneth Paltrow was the first celebrity our employees caught [ordering a book] because the name Apple was so unique," Allan says about the order placed by the Oscar-winning actress for a book for her unusually named daughter. "You don't get orders for 'Apple' very often."

From there, Maia and Allan began noticing even more famous kids were becoming the lucky recipients of their stories. From actresses Brooke Shields, Courteney Cox and Jessica Alba to fashion stylist Rachel Zoe, more celebrities jumped on the I See Me! bandwagon. When asked how this unusual success came about, the Haags chalk it up to simple good luck. The couple theorizes that once one celebrity stumbled across their books, they began passing the info on to their pals or giving the books out as gifts, and the I See Me! version of Hollywood success was born.

Maia and Allan Haag always had a dream of opening a business together, and that's just what they did in 2000, two years after the birth of their first child. (The Haags now have three children ages 15, 10 and 7). They received a customized book for their son, and although they loved the gift and the idea of customized children's literature, they felt it could be done more creatively.

Together, the Haags felt they had the perfect background to make book publishing work. Allan holds a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design and Maia has a master's of business administration. They met while working at General Mills, but Maia always wanted to own a small business. After they were married, Maia realized she really wanted a business that utilized a combination of their skills, and they eventually made their way into book publishing.

I See Me recently won a Small Business award from Twin Cities Business Magazine.

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