MINNEAPOLIS -- Kowalski's Market is here to help with your gluten-free needs this holiday season.

Estimated that 1 in 20 people suffer from some form of gluten-intolerance Susan Moores, Kowalski's Markets Nutritionist, offers ideas for delicious gluten-free dishes you can serve for the holidays.

Marscapone-Stuffed Dried Apricots


Bread Stuffing with Cranberries, Squash and Pepitas


Pumpkin Pie


Here are some helpful tips to make your entertaining less stressed:

1) ASK your guests about their sensitivity - Some people are very sensitive to gluten; others less so. Ask your guest(s) if the foods you plan to serve will work.

2) KEEP IT EASY on yourself. Make a menu everyone can eat. Plenty of fresh foods are naturally gluten-free. There's no need to call out that you're serving a gluten-free meal (other than to your guests who need to know). Everyone will enjoy your delicious fixings.

3) PREP and SERVE SEPARATELY only if need be -- Cross contact between foods can easily happen. If you plan to serve some gluten-containing foods, use a separate, cleaned counter space, plus separate cutting boards, dishes and utensils.

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