MINNEAPOLIS -- Owner and Chef Thomas Kim from restaurant Rabbit Hole joined KARE Saturday in the kitchen to share some recipes.

Rabbit Hole is located at the Midtown Global Market and features a personal take on Korean street and pub food with artisanal beer and craft cocktails.

Duk Boki:

· 1 tbsp. Duck Fat

· 6 oz. Rice Cake (Tteokbokki/Dukboki)

· 1 cup Dashi or any broth or stock

· 1 tbsp. Cooking Sake

· 3 oz. Gochujang

· 2 oz. Duck Confit, shred (Or sub out for Beef or Chicken)

· 1 tbsp. Onion, caramelized

· 1 tbsp. Kimchi

· 1 tea Scallions curls, garnish

· 1 pinch Sesame seed, garnish

· 1 pinch gochugaru, garnish

Heat duck fat then sear rice cake until starting to bubble. Add dashi and bring to a boil. Add sake, Gochujang and mix until well incorporated.

Cook until rice cake is al dente.

Add duck confit, kimchi and onion. Warm through. Plate. Garish with sesame seed and gochugaru.

Then drizzle gochujang on top then garnish with scallion curls.


· 2 cups water

· 1 3x6 inch Kombu (Dried Seaweed for Stock)

· 1 oz. packed Katsuo Bushi

Bring water to a boil. Add kombu. Turn off heat. Add katsuobushi. Steep for 10 minutes. Strain. Reserve.