MINNEAPOLIS -- There is a lot happening this spring and summer at the Guthrie.

From summer camp for kids, to the iconic musical "My Fair Lady" making its debut on the Guthrie stage, the theater is offering activities for everyone.

And in honor of the Guthrie's current production "Crimes of the Heart," Sea Change's bartender Nick Lane joined KARE Saturday in the kitchen to mix up drinks reflecting some of the characters' personalities.


The Spinster

beefeater gin/ lime/ raspberry/ rosewater

The idea of this cocktail is to highlight Lenny's "fear of spinsterhood." Based off of a Gin Rickey, the rosewater element of the cocktail is meant to provide a olfactory trigger of "grandma's perfume."


Hollywood Darling

stoli citros/ solerno blood orange/ cranberry bubbles

This cocktail is meant to focus on Meg's time in Hollywood and her perceived "spoiling" as a child. Using a "molecular mixology" technique, this drink is a flashy cosmo.


Aiming for the Heart

george dickel #8/ barenjager/ domaine canton/ lemonade

Lemonade is a favorite of Babe's throughout the play, so this cocktail is based off of a Lynchburg Lemonade. Babe's cocktail needs to focus on the crime which starts the show, hence the name.