ST. PAUL, Minn. – The St. Paul Grill not only encourages people to consider group dining experiences, but the restaurant recommends adding some grill favorites to the menu.

On Monday, St. Paul Grill Executive Chef Adam Bartos appears on KARE 11 News at 4 to share a Tuna recipe (please see below).

Bartos also wants to remind viewers The St. Paul Grill offers group dining – for rehearsal or groom's dinners, special occasions, birthday or anniversary parties or any family event or social gathering. Group dining is available for lunch, Sunday brunch and dinner. The restaurant can also customize a menu for your group.

To make reservations at The St. Paul Grill, you can call: 651.224.7455 or visit the St. Paul Grill's website. If you are interested in group dining, please visit:

Tuna with Wasabi Pea Crusted with Sugar Snap Peas, Bell Peppers, Fresh Pineapple and Coconut Chile Sauce

Ahi Tuna 6 oz

Wasabi Peas 1 oz

Egg 1 oz

Pineapple Shaved 1 oz

Sugar Snap Peas 1 oz

Red Bell Pepper Rings 2 oz

Crimini Mushrooms 3 ea

Green Onion Sliced .5 oz

Garlic .5 tsp

Ginger .5 tsp

Olive Oil 2 Tbl divided

Ponzu 1 Tbl

Red Fresno Pepper Seeded and Sliced

Dip one side of tuna steak in beaten egg then press into crushed wasabi peas. In a sauté pan over medium high heat, add ½ of the olive oil. Season and sear tuna on both sides and set aside. Next in a separate sauté pan, add the other ½ of the oil and heat over high heat until a small amount of smoke appears off the pan. Add Mushrooms and quickly sauté for about one minute. Then add the bell pepper rings and snap peas, sauté quickly then add the green onions. Finally add garlic and ginger to the pan and then deglaze with ponzu. Pour 2 oz of the chile coconut sauce into a bowl, place pepper rings in the center. Fill the pepper rings with the snap pea and green onion mixture. Garnish with freshly shaved pineapple, mushrooms and finely sliced red fresno peppers.

Chile Coconut Sauce

Diced Yellow onion 4 oz

Chopped Garlic 1 Tbl

Chopped Ginger 1 Tbl

Lemongrass 2 oz

Yellow Bell Pepper 2 each

Chicken Stock 16 fl oz

Sugar 1 Tbl

Coconut Milk 14 oz can

Olive Oil 1 Tbl

Saffron 1 pinch

Salt and White Pepper to taste

Cornstarch 1 Tbl

In a medium sauce pot, heat oil over medium heat and sweat onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and bell pepper. Avoid browning vegetables. Cook onions are semi translucent. Next add stock, sugar, coconut milk and saffron. Bring to a slow boil. Season with salt and white pepper. Add cornstarch. Remove Lemongrass pieces and puree remaining sauce in blender. Strain through a mine mesh strainer.