GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - When you think beef you often think red wine, but how do you pick the right combo of wine and cut of beef?

Steve Vranian, the Executive Chef at Gianni's Steakhouse, shared his tips.

He says certain cuts of beef like flank steak and chuck are often very flavorful. Therefore, they should be paired with a wine that’s bold such as a fruity merlot or zinfandels. Also, red wines from Australia that are fruity and soft like velvet are good choices.

“Middle meats” from the rib and loin-like tenderloin, strip steak and prime rib- are at their best with a more sophisticated and complex wine.

One of the best American wine and food combinations is grilled steak and a big, oak-aged cabernet sauvignon. The flame-seared flavors and crusty texture imparted by grilling are echoed by the toasty oak of the wine.

Want to learn more about the best beef and wine pairings? Be sure to stop by and see the Minnesota Beef Council during the Minnesota Monthly Food and Wine Show March 4-5 for all the latest tips and tricks for pairing your favorite beef dishes with wine.

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The Minnesota Beef Council offers a guide on Beef and Wine pairing and a Beef Cut Chart.