GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - You've planted a gorgeous garden and are looking forward to enjoying it. But you might not be the only one!

A variety of pests leave their unwanted mark on landscapes each spring and summer. Whether you prefer to use pesticides or keep your garden chemical-free, take comfort in knowing there are ways to control the impact of these little nuisances.

Karen Bachman Thull stopped by KARE 11 at 4 to offer some advice.

Products: Bonide Repels, Plantskydd, Repellex or Liquid Fence
Techniques: Plant onions or shallots among your ornamentals and vegetables to make the surrounding plants unappetizing to most critters. Seed a patch of your lawn (away from your garden) with white clover. Rabbits prefer clover and may leave your garden alone. Build fencing with stakes and chicken wire or hardware cloth. Use raised beds and taller pots that are at least 3 feet from the ground.

Japanese beetles
Products: Bonide Japanese Beetle Killer or Bonide Eight Insect Control Spray
Techniques: Pheromone traps use a strong scent to lure Japanese beetles. Hang one (such as the Bonide Beetle Bagger) away from the plants the beetles are infesting and over a basin of soapy water to attract and drown them. Although more time-intensive, you can also handpick Japanese beetles from your plants and drop them into the soapy bucket.

Products: Bonide Bon-Neem or Bonide Mite-X
Techniques: Spraying your plants with water can wash these pests off of flowers and foliage. Since they're soft-bodied and don't have wings, aphids are less likely to travel up from the ground and infest again. You can also battle these insects with insects. Ladybugs are a natural predator of aphids and can be purchased at Bachman's.

Slugs and snails
Products: Sluggo or Bonide Slug Magic
Techniques: Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your garden to hinder the movement of slugs and snails, making them easy to find and remove. Also consider laying a damp newspaper or board in the garden. They'll use it as a hideout, and you'll know just where to find them in the morning.