ST. PAUL, Minn. - Compost isn't what you might expect to buy at the St. Paul hotel. But it's what they were selling today for Dirt Day!

"My garden needs a little rejuvenation... Hopefully this will make some nice vegetables," says one shopper.

In a process they've learned with help from the Minnesota Wastewise Foundation, 26 tons of waste from the St. Paul Grill and the M Street Cafe are turned into this compost each month instead of being trucked to a landfill.

Jill Curran with the Minnesota Wastewise Foundation says, "We've assisted about 125 businesses in Ramsey and Washington Counties with recycling and organics diversion. Just trying to help them keep waste out of the waste stream."

Gardeners snatched up what used to be garbage.

"It's good for your garden and it's only two bucks a bag!" laughs Samantha Foster as she picks up a couple bags.

LaDonna Schultz tells us, "I have some friends who are gardeners and I'm going to surprise them and I think it's the very best thing the hotel could do for the community in general."

If you missed this year, there's always 2015. The St. Paul Hotel plans to make Dirt Day an annual event. Other than the gardeners who get great compost for their gardens, the real winner is St. Paul's Rice Park. All proceeds benefit the Rice Park Revitalization Project.