GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Bobby did a little research on "the google" as he would call it along with talking to the folks at Bachman's on what is hot in gardening in 2017. What are the trends and what are we going to see growing in the garden center!

Out of the "new" gardeners in 2016 which number around 6 million, 5 million of them were between 18-34 years old, so that is a good sign for the strength of gardening and the gardening industry.

The next trend makes sense based on this demographic. They are going to order everything they need off the internet and it will indeed be a "Door Delivery Garden"

The next trend Bobby found is that even though for years yards have become an extension of the house, with outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and living rooms, the trend now are those things plus what left of the lawn is being used!

Lawns are being used for dog runs, putting greens, bocce courts, and replacing designer playsets with natural areas for the little ones to play.

When it comes to materials Bobby found that the hardscape, concrete, contemporary materials are starting to circle back to natural materials. Rocks, boulder walls, wood accents, bricks.

When it comes to plants succulents are still hot, probably based on their unique look plus easy care.

Dwarf plants are really popular, smaller shrubs and columnar trees to fit into smaller spaces and not overgrow these spots since they are hybridized to be smaller.

Classes and workshops are still as popular as ever!

The final trend is that we will continue to and expand on SHARING everything we are growing. This is a great way to get great ideas of what people are doing and what is working and possibly not working!

Have fun gardening in 2017.