GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- It's a great time to think about planting bulbs for spring, but you also need to protect them -- especially from squirrels -- to make sure they blossom.

Cover your plantings with Wire mesh

Wire mesh, such as chicken wire, is an effective deterrent. Lay it directly on top of the bed, extending the surface about 3 feet from the plantings, hold it down with cut bent pieces of coat hanger or rocks.

Plant ’em deep and don’t leave a trail of crumbs
Plant tulip bulbs deep, at least three times the height of the bulb. Always remove all evidence of bulb planting. Tunics the covering around the bulb (like onion skin) will lead the mice or squirrels right to your plantings. Whenever you mulch wait until the ground is frozen. The squirrels and mice will not be able to dig them up. Mulching when the soil is still warm will keep it that way. Mulch helps keep soil temperatures consistently cool and will minimize damage from frost heaving.

Chopped daffodils /narcissi
Squirrels and mice will leave daffodils and narcissi alone as they don’t like the taste or smell. In a blender, chop the daffodils/narcissi into pieces. Plant your tulips, cover with a little soil spread mixture over, and fill the hole with soil and water.

Good Luck protecting those tulips!