MINNEAPOLIS - Driving along or even taking a walk, we pass beautiful gardens everyday and likely take them for granted! What's blooming along the roadside is something to savor and notice. Here's a few of what we are seeing this time of year.

Bird's foot trefoil: Bright yellow, low growing flowers. Very common.

Butter and eggs: Lighter yellow, low growing. Very invasive.

Rudbeckia: Bright yellow daisy-like flower with black center.

Yellow and white sweet clover: Tall and dainty small petals and leaves in white or yellow. Very common.

Daisy fleabane: Small white daisies with yellow center.

Common milkweed: Large thick leaves with round clusters of fragrant purple flowers. Very common and great for monarchs!

Crown vetch: Pink/purple flowers that resemble a crown. Extremely common, especially on freeway hillsides. Excellent at controlling erosion but very invasive.

That's just a small taste and of course the colors are changing every week. Minnesota Wildflowers is an excellent resource for identifying what you see growing. Let us know what you see!