GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Does your lawn look more brown than green? Are your gardens drooping a bit?

Master Gardener Heidi Heiland, of Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens, joined KARE 11 News @ 4 with some of her best watering tips.

Heidi says:

Begin by ensuring you leave a 1″ to 2″ lip from the surface of the soil to the top of the container, once the container is fully planted.

Fill your container up to the lip's edge with water.

Allow the water to completely soak into the soil.

Fill it to the rim again and let it soak in.

Repeat a third time so that your container is truly saturated.

To save time if you have multiple containers, start by giving all containers their first soaking, filling each up to the lip with water. By the time you are done with the first round of filling, the water in the first container will have soaked into the soil. Then go back to the first container and fill it for a second time, following the same pattern for the second container and so on for all your containers.

Repeat this for a third time so that your containers are truly saturated. Watering deeply and thoroughly ensures that the soil at the bottom of the container becomes wet.

As the soil dries out on the top of the container, the bottom is still moist and the roots of the plant will need to dive deep to find the water. This creates longer roots and better sustainability for the plant materials.

If we irrigate daily and/or only wet the plant with a quick drink, we train the plant that its roots can stay on the surface and they never dive deep.

For more tips, head to Heidi's website, Bloom On Mn