GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn--Some startling sudden cardiac arrest accounts for almost 300,000 deaths per year. Survival is tragically low at approximately 8% nationwide because many times bystanders don't know how to help.

You may have heard there's been a change in how CPR is administered.

The biggest change in the past few years is that mouth to mouth resuscitation is no longer a focus - steady consistent compressions is the key.

Improving bystander CPR rates in Minnesota will save more lives. Around the country bystander rates are as high as 62%, however in Minnesota our bystander CPR rate is nearly half at 34%.

Interventional Cardiologist and Medical Director, Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium Doctor Demetris Yannopoulos joined us today to demonstrate the changes.


If you find an adult that does not respond:

Call 911 - check for responsiveness - if not responsive or breathing send for an AED

Compress - Place your hands on the center of the victim's chest and press hard and fast - 100 times per minute

Clear - if an AED is available, turn it on and follow the prompts continuing until EMS arrives

Learn CPR now:

The MN Resuscitation Consortium connects bystander, pre-hospital and hospital initiatives to improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).