MINNETONKA, Minn. - Zebra mussels have been on the minds of many Minnesotans for years now. The goal is to stop the spread, but it doesn't always work.

Recently, zebra mussels were found in Lake Minnewashta. This time a rapid response team was deployed.

"After an extensive search, we found 14, all localized to the boat access." said Eric Fieldseth, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

Last summer, the team tried three different methods to target and eliminate zebra mussels. This year, they used what they learned to target the new ones in Lake Minnewashta.

"Over a 10-day period, we treated 29 acres with the copper-based product, Earth-tech QZ. We maintained the concentration we wanted to maintain, and ended up killing them all," said Fieldseth.

But beyond Lake Minnewashta, Fieldseth says the copper-based products won't work for large scale infestations. Instead, new methods will need to be created, tested and then applied to eliminate large populations in the future.