ST. CROIX RIVER - Beginning Friday Department of Natural Resources (DNR) crews from Minnesota and Wisconsin will stage at boat landings to try and prevent the spread of invasive species.

Teams will use decontamination units to spray hot water onto boats. The goal is to try and wash off any invasive species to prevent their spread.

The St. Croix River Association, a non-profit which works to restore and protect the river, helped coordinate this weekend effort.

While noted for its pristine beauty and wild conditions, the St. Croix River has been infested with zebra mussels, eurasian watermilfoil and two species of invasive carp. Angelique Dahlberg, invasive species coordinator for the St. Croix River Association, says zebra mussel have been spotted on the river from Stillwater to where it meets with the Mississippi River.

"There is something that each of us can do, whether it be talking about it, or if you do use the water, cleaning your recreational equipment. We do need to have individual ownership over it. We can make a difference," said Dahlberg.

The Minnesota DNR will be staged at the St. Croix Public Boat Landing just north of Stillwater. Chisago County will also have a station set up at the Osceola Landing. In Wisconsin, the DNR will be set up in Hudson, Prescott and St. Croix Falls.