GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It’s a first for Minnesota, an outdoor fitness challenge park that is part playground and part American Ninja Warrior. The new play spot is a result of a partnership with the City of Golden Valley and Three Rivers Park district: It's located right along the bike trail at 631 Ottawa Ave N, Golden Valley.

The fitness challenge course, designed for ages 13 and up, includes obstacles that participants navigate over, under, around, and through as they race against the clock. The all-inclusive play structure is designed to meet the needs of kids and families of all ability levels.

Alicia Lewis and Sven Sundgaard, engaged in a perpetual game of one-upsmanship, recently checked out the new attraction and of course... couldn't resist racing each other in both the obstacle course and the 40-yard dash sections of the park.

Weighted sensors start/stop the clock so you have an accurate (to the tenth of second) time for the dash. The obstacle course has a button at the beginning and end of the course to time out your progress.

Sven and Alicia were definitely winded by the end in this novel approach to fun and fitness. Check it out!