If you weren't able to score a ticket to see Paul McCartney rock out at Target Center this summer, we've got another option to satisfy your Beatles fix.

The Mall of America is hosting a traveling exhibition that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the band's arrival in the US.

The Beatles exhibit, curated by the GRAMMY Museum, opens on Thursday at the Midwest Music Museum, located at the mall.

"The Beatles completed changed the music industry. This is our first exhibit. There's a lot of big names to follow," said Joe O'Brien, co-owner of the Midwest Music Museum and the 400 Bar.

Guests can look at rare records, memorabilia, tour artifacts, videos and interactive installations that allow guests to get a drum lesson from Ringo.

The four lads from Liverpool performed only one time in Minnesota, back in 1965. The band sang for fans at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, where the Mall of America now stands.

The 13-week exhibit runs from June 5 through September 7. Adult tickets are $7 each. Children under 5 are allowed free admission. For more information on tickets and exhibit information, log on to www.midwestmusicmuseum.com.