ROSEVILLE, Minn. – In a unanimous decision Monday night, the Roseville city council banned the commercial sale of dogs and cats at pet stores after complaints city leaders say they received from customers of a particular pet shop.

“This was in line with what three of our four pet stores were already doing,” Roseville City Councilwoman Tammy McGehee says. “This was the best alternative without us creating our own legislation.”

McGehee says currently three of four pet stores offer customers to adopt dogs and cats from shelters or humane societies rather than from unknown breeders. McGehee says the complaints the city received were from customers of the Har Mar Pet Shop, complaints the city says included unhealthy animals and unqualified breeders.

“Puppies were coming in from unknown places,” McGehee says.

KARE 11 called the owner of the Har Mar Pet Shop, Gary Papineau, who declined to speak on camera but said over the phone, “I am disappointed with the city’s decision.”

At the council meeting Monday night, Papineau protested the ban and lobbied for pet licensing according to council meeting documents. He also told the council he was proud of his shop.

In April of 2016 a USDA Animal Care Inspector visited the shop and observed unhealthy multiple small animals as having “hair loss,” an “eye completely sealed shut” and other inadequate veterinary care issues.

The inspector later came back and identified “no non-compliant items.” The ordinance will take effect in six months.