ST. JOSEPH, Minn. - Tucked into the side streets of St. Joseph is a playground as uninviting as they come.

It's there for at least 50 kids who live in the low income housing complex it resides on.

And those kids led by one gregarious 4th grader are tired of it.

"I think they all deserve a better place to play that just a dumpy old playground that's full of metal," 10-year-old Dominic Ballou said.

Ballou is leading a charge, and has been for the past three months, to raise money for a new playground.

So he took his sales pitch to the businesses of St. Joseph and one by one the checks came in.

"We have collected 12-hundred dollars and our goal is 2-thousand," Ballou said.

Dominic is no slouch.

He also got playground manufacturer Rainbow Play Systems to match his donations.

The playgrounds can cost thousands of dollars but none of that is out of reach to Dominic.

He's going to take one home.

"I'm sure of it. And I am going to make that happen," Ballou said.

The best thing about kids is that they know we all do better when we all do better.

Dominic isn't swayed by socioeconomic status.

He knows every kid deserves a castle to climb.

Dominic's mother, Amber, is setting up a fund for donations if you would like to help.

You can contact her via email: