ST. LOUIS - Megan Moss Johnson gave birth to her first child early Tuesday morning and died eight hours later.

12 News partner station KSDK's Kay Quinn spoke with Megan seven years ago after she received a heart transplant.

The Ferguson, Missouri native fought an infection in the heart called "myocarditis" when she was 15 years old, she was put on medications for several years and then on a transplant list.

In April 2010, after Megan had surgery to be put on a bridge-to-transplant LVAD machine, she developed pneumonia. Doctors told her family that even if a heart came, she would be too weak to receive it. An hour later, her white blood cell count came down and her fever dropped and a heart became available, her father wrote on her blog.

Two years after the heart transplant, Megan married Nathan Johnson in 2012 and moved to Nashville.

One of Nathan’s band members start a ‘Team Johnson’ GoFundMe Wednesday morning and by Friday it had already raised nearly $300,000.

"Nathan says they couldn't sleep because they were too excited. They talked all night and morning.

About 9 or 10am, Meg started having trouble. By 11am, she was Home.

Needless to say, Nathan is devastated. There are no words for this, so I won't really say much more. Here is what I know. Nathan is a wonderful man and an amazing father. He loves his daughter dearly."

The KSDK team sends ours condolences to Megan’s parents, Wayne and Kathy Moss, her husband Nathan and the entire family.