MINNETONKA, MInn. - One of Minnesota's most popular restaurants, Famous Dave's, shook up its leadership for the fourth time in as many years.

Earlier this month, the Minnetonka-based restaurant replaced CEO Adam Wright with Mike Lister. KARE 11's Cory Hepola spoke with Dale Kurshner of Twin Cities Business about Famous Dave's new plan of attack.

"You know, the accounting stuff has been taken care of. And, I like to think of it as Adam Wright came in to right the ship that was listing. And, now that it's no longer listing, Michael Lister is coming in to take it forward. So, I know it's corny," said Kurschner.

Kurschner says Dave Anderson's goal is great taste and dining experience because they have new competition.

"We're hearing that restaurants - especially in the price range of a "Famous Dave's" - are having more competition from people who say - 'Hey, I can just go to the grocery store and they sell really good ribs now that are ready to eat. I can just take them home and warm them up," adds Kurschner.

And, Dave could be getting more TV help. Jon Taffer is the host of 'Bar Rescue' on Spike TV; he sent out this tweet, "Soon, we will announce an exciting new project we are doing together." Taffer is known for fixing up bars and restaurants with his colorful language.