MINNEAPOLIS – For anyone who has ever put together a puzzle perhaps you’ve been where Candace and Tony Nelson were before they created Puzzle Twist.

“After about four hours, I was like 'oh my gosh what is the point'. We know exactly what the image is. We’re spending a lot of time putting together what we know what it looks like already," Tony said.

That’s what drove him to try and create something different in puzzles while putting one together himself. They wanted jigsaw puzzles where what you see on the box would not be the result putting the puzzle together.

Small anomalies that might take some time to search for and you might notice them while putting it together.

“Part of it is the cool art, but obviously that twist that draws them in," Candace says. The artwork on the puzzles is mostly created by Minnesota artists. “It’s great to see people find what’s different about them.”

To check out Puzzle Twist and learn more you can visit puzzletwist.com.