DULUTH, Minn. - Miranda and Joe Durbin started Duluth MakerSpace about two years ago in West Duluth.

The concept is a community work space with all the tools for different trades and professions, available for anyone to use for a monthly fee.

“By having this space here it makes it so they actually have access to all these different tools," Miranda Durbin says.

At the space there are dozens of crafters and people teaching others how to create pieces with the different tools and machines. The shop is home to 3D printers, metal works, woodcraft, stitching and other trades.

Devin Garrett started his woodworking business about a year ago, just before moving in and working in the space.

“Coming here and paying the monthly membership and you have access to all this stuff in here, it’s hard to beat,” he says.

He was woodworking in his front yard before discovering this space, which gave him the capacity to land bigger jobs. Now he’s working on 38 custom tables for a new brewery opening in Duluth.

“I would never have been able to do this job," he said. "There is no doubt about it. It would have been way too big and it would have taken me like five months to do this in my yard.”

To check out Duluth MakerSpace visit the website.