SAUK RAPIDS, Minn. – Jessi and John Brinkman started Mixin’ It Up Bakery in Sauk Rapids last year.

Jessi had first started Sweet Nature gluten-free goods, which later morphed into Mixin’ It Up, a storefront and community bakery for other businesses that want to bake gluten free.

"It seemed like it all kind of dovetailed nicely together about how can we help other people, because this was something that I really needed," Jessi says. "A commercial kitchen that was not available to me when I started."

The couple says five businesses have taken up shop in their community kitchen. They’re hoping for more but say they’re happy to see others jumping into the gluten-free baking world.

“Now they have a place to actually come in and take those ideas and dreams and put them into reality,” John says.

The bakery has a variety of items in its storefront, like cookies, cakes, cupcakes and chocolates. They also sell items from other bakers who use their kitchen.

"So taking it from at-home baker to I'm doing this now, it's a big leap," Jessi says. "We did it and now we’re hoping to help others.”

More information is available on the Mixin' It Up website.