MINNEAPOLIS - Hoodies For Good came from an image and thought co-creator Mike Polis just couldn’t shake.

He noticed a woman seemingly homeless sitting in a stairwell downtown Minneapolis during the winter without a proper jacket.

“It stuck with me on the drive home. So right away I had called my dad and told him what I had seen and told him the idea that I had and the idea of this just instantly happened,” Polis says.

They created the company making shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other apparel from a screen printing business Mike had on the side. The original idea was to buy one give one to a local homeless shelter but they soon realized many needs were specialized.

“There are so many kids out there that don’t have a place to live or consistent place to life,” Jeff Polis says.

Together they donate 10 percent of gross sales to YouthLink and Dakota Woodlands both youth and family homeless shelters so they are able to purchase specific clothing items each shelter needs rather than a box of shirts, hats or sweatshirts.

“We really want to help kind of solve a problem that is everywhere but really in our own backyard. I mean there are 6 to 700 people on a nightly bases in Minneapolis even,” Mike says.

To learn more about Hoodies For Good check out Hoodiesforgood.com