ST. PAUL, Minn. - Getting a child around the age of  5 to be still for several hours is no easy task, especially after a comprehensive surgery.

The Gillette Children’s Speacialty Healthcare in St. Paul performs dozens of selective dorsal rhizotomy surgeries on children, which permanently reduce muscle tightness caused by cerebral palsy. Part of the recovery is being in the prone position, which is laying on your stomach for several hours in order to stretch out the spinal cord and create more positive outcomes from the surgery.

Inside the hospital's Assistive Technology Department, it created the Prone Cart. The cart is on wheels, has straps and has the ability for children to be mobile while staying in the prone position during the six-week recovery. The hospital is now regularly using it with its patents, as well as marketing it to other hospitals for purchase.

Instead of keeping the patents in their hospital rooms in their bed for the necessary hours, they’re able to have mobility. To learn more about Prone Cart check out