MINNEAPOLIS - Metro Blooms helps to plant rain gardens and eco-friendly spaces around the Twin Cities.

It also helps educate young people on eco-friendly landscape designs, while paying them wages.

"Whether or not they peruse it long term is less than the fact that their eyes are opened to problems and opportunities that they had not seen before in their daily life," Anna Bierbauer said.

Bierbauer is a designer at Metro Blooms and helps give instruction to some of the teens. Metro Blooms also partners with cities and watershed districts to help with the education and planting of green thumb landscaping.

“Storm water runoff is the number-one polluter of our waterways, according to the EPA,” Metro Blooms Director Becky Rice said. “The solution is changing landscape practices. Trying to put more value in a native landscape.”

To learn more about Metro Blooms, visit metroblooms.org.