GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - What the President of the United States says about a company has the potential to help make -- or break -- a business.

Even if it's just 140 characters long.

"Twitter is becoming one-step in Donald Trump's negotiation process," said Dale Kurschner of Twin Cities Business.

Now, there's a new way to track Trump's business-related tweets. It's called "Trigger" and can alert you via push notification.

"The app signals you as soon as Donald Trump says anything about a publicly-traded company, whether it's favorable or whether it's negative," Kurschner said.

Kurschner says Trigger can help because Trump's tweets can send stocks flying up or down.

"So, if he praises a publicly-traded company and if that stock goes way up just because of his tweet, maybe think - ok, now is a good time to sell that stock if I have stock in it because it's going to come back down and I could make a profit now," Kurschner said.

And, if he criticizes a company.

"You can see if that stock price went way down and think - well, do I want to buy in," Kurschner added.

Trigger just launched last year and is available in the Apple App Store. Trigger is still working on supporting Android.