MINNEAPOLIS - After months of debate, the Metropolitan Airports Commission voted unanimously Monday to approve new ordinances regulating UberX and Lyft at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

A spokesman with the airport said officials are still working out final details but travelers won't notice much of a difference. They expect the changes to take effect Jan. 1.

Uber and Lyft drivers started picking up travelers last April.

But many taxi companies said Uber and Lyft drivers – often called "transportation network companies" --- were not being held to the same standards.

Cowami Di Senard thanks the commission saying the changes help “level the playing field.”

Uber and Lyft drivers still won't be permitted to pick up passengers at baggage claim. The commission plans to have drivers pick up passengers where shuttles currently operate in Terminal One.

Under the new ordinance, drivers affiliated with "transportation network companies" will undergo a more detailed background check. Instead of screening the potential driver’s name over a five year period, the screening has been upgraded to 10 years.