GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – When it comes to college, the secret is finding the fit academically, socially and financially. In many cases, students end up drowning in debt, but there’s a growing business in Minnesota that can save students and parents a lot of money.

College Inside Track is a company that charges a flat fee to help you negotiate a better financial deal for students.

“The truth is most schools will accept an appeal and there’s really no income level because one of the ways a school offers awards is merit aid,” says Jay Benanav, the company’s founder. “Merit aid has nothing to do with your family income, you can be making zero dollars or ten million dollars, it’s whether they want your student.”

Sheryl Strauss used College Inside Track to help her daughter through the daunting college process. The company was able to save her family about $16,000 over the course of four years.

"It was well worth, it was definitely worth it,” says Strauss.

Benanav says the largest award he’s ever earned a client from an appeal, came from a school out east, for $37,000.

“My goal when I work with my families is to keep their debt to a manageable amount,” says Benanav. “Sometimes we get out without any debt that that’s harder and harder. If the family can get out of school with manageable debt, they’ve succeeded.”