GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- A deep dive into census data reveals the number of young Americans living with their parents, siblings or other relatives has reached a 75-year-high according to real estate tracker Trulia.

That number works out to 40-percent, vs. 33-percent in 2005.

Census data also shows younger Americans are delaying both marriage and children, and their home ownership levels could reach historic lows.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Dan Ament says while rising rents and difficulties qualifying for mortgages are part of the equation, it's not the whole picture.

Young people might be returning to the family nest because they like it there. The Pew Research Center reports of younger people age 25-to-34 still living with their parents, "large majorities say they're satisfied with their living arrangements and upbeat with their finances."

So parents can look at it as as good news/bad news scenario. Families are tighter, and the kids are o.k. Those dreams of peace and quiet some parents harbor? They might have to wait.