MINNEAPOLIS - A Minnesota-based company is changing the way sports is played.

Sportradar has about 85 employees and specializes in tracking sports data in real-time and transmitting it around the world almost immediately.

The movie "Moneyball" showed us it kind of is about numbers. Oddly, Major League baseball is about the only American sport not invested in Sportradar. The NBA just partnered with them and another stats firm for over $250 million, according to Forbes. Sportradar also struck an exclusive agreement with the NFL, where they're putting sensors in footballs and shoulder pads.

"When somebody kicks a football through the goal posts, you can tell how fast it's going, how high off the ground it's going," said Dale Kurschner of Twin Cities Business.

This instant, detailed info is helping coaches, broadcasters, even gamblers.

"If you're going to place a bet, how do you know how to place that bet? Best way to know it is to have the very latest information," Kurschner added.

Sportradar took off in 2013 when it purchased the fast-growing start-up from Minneapolis, Sports Data.

So, how did Sportradar get teamed up with the NFL to get sensors in the footballs? That story on KARE 11 Sunrise Thursday.