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Netflix stepping it up

Netflix is tacking on an extra $1 billion to its content budget for 2018, making the $8 billion budget the highest of the streaming services.

But the competition is getting more cut-throat with tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and even Disney trying to get a piece of the online action. Netflix is planning on pumping up the programming with a planned 80 original films in 2018.

Pay at the store with... Venmo?

Venmo is rolling out a new option to use the app to make online purchases at more than 2 million retailers. The peer-to-peer payment system now allows you to spend your digital dollars at places like Lululemon, Forever21, and Footlocker.

The shopping option works by tapping into its parent company PayPal's existing payments network.

When users are shopping on their phones, they can tap on the PayPal checkout button and will see an additional option to pay with Venmo instead.