GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Owning a home remains a major life goal for many Americans, including millennials.

A 2016 "Generational Research Report" by Financial Finnesse found 45% of employees under the age of 30 said purchasing a home was a top financial priority. That was up from 34% the previous year.

Morgan Stanley financial advisor Dan Ament said that desire to buy a home should motivate your financial decisions and goals. That includes goals like paying down credit card & student loan debt; managing day-to-day expenses; monitoring and building good credit; and also building a cash emergency fund.

Owning a home also seems to have a positive effect on overall finances.

"Younger homeowners have higher financial wellness scores than non-homeowners," Ament said. "82% state they have a handle on their cash flow and 31% indicate they are on track for retirement, (compared to) 19% for non-homeowners."