GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Hurricanes have been making headlines and leaving destruction in their wake.

And while Minnesota won't be in the path that kind of storm, severe weather is no stranger to our state.

To protect your nest egg from natural disasters, follow these tips:

1) Go digital.

Download copies of important files like tax returns, financial statements, passports and your driver's license to an electronic vault to keep your digital documents dry. Uploading copies to the cloud is another way to save your info on a rainy day.

2) Snap some pics of your pad.

Shoot interiors and exteriors of your home and upload those to the cloud as well. Pre-storm pics can make filing insurance claims much easier, plus interior photos can be used as an inventory for your belongings.

3) Auto pay all the way.

Setting up automatic payments will keep you covered on your bills even if you're unable to access the internet or send a bill through the mail.

4) Keep that rainy day fund stocked.

Financial experts recommend keeping enough in the bank to cover three to six months of expenses. In addition, it doesn't hurt to keep some cash on hand in case banks go offline or ATMs run out of money.