Planes, trains, or automobiles, whichever way you and yours prefer to get out of town, summer is peak season for high-priced travel. So even if you’ve dropped the ball on booking the best break ever, KARE’s got you covered.

First, be flexible with your dates and your destinations. Websites like and allow travelers to find cheap places that may not have been on their radar. Travelers just enter the dates to jet off and the site scans the globe for the cheapest destinations around the world.

Next, download for big dollar savings. Apps like “Hopper” or “Dealray” will send you alerts when your dream vacation is at its lowest cost. Or “Skiplagged” is helping you hack your airfare with “hidden city” flights, where you get off at the layover rather than the final destination. For example, a flight from New York to San Francisco might be $300.00 but a similar flight from New York to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco might be $200.00; hop off at the stop but be sure to go carry on only. You can click over to “Travel and Leisure’s” list of 50 best travel apps to see more ways to save.

If you’re hitting the highway for a vacation, consider fueling up your phone with websites like to fill up with the cheapest gas. Plus, if you can take off in the later dog days of summer, prices take a dip right after mid-August. Happy travels!