MINNEAPOLIS - The Spring-Summer edition of the Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook is now available, you can find it online and it can help you find the best deals on everything from roofers to roses.

The news is relatively good if you're in search of a florist for Mother's Day in the Twin Cities.

"Traditional florists, one thing to keep in mind, they're more likely to keep the flowers they get fresh," explained Kevin Brasler of Checkbook.org.

According to Brasler, of the more than 30 shops they looked at, most rate highly when it comes to quality, reliability and price.

Odds are a roof or two will need to be replaced this summer and if there's one thing the folks at Checkbook figured out, it's to not pay for anything up front.

"A reputable roofer, there's no reason why you should have to leave a large deposit in advance," said Brasler. "We found about half of the roofers that we evaluated will let you pay almost all of the cost of the job at the end of the job."

Of the nearly 30 businesses they looked at, about a third received Checkbook's top rating for quality.

The disparaging differences between the roofers wasn't the quality, but the price, which can range from $5,400 to $20,000 for the same job. The best advice is to get multiple bids.

When it comes to dry cleaning, Checkbook.org warns you to not get taken to the cleaners.

"With dry cleaning we find bigger price differences than most any of the other things that Checkbook.org looks at," Brasler said.

Brasler said there are a lot of great shops and many were rated very favorably, but the price range of service drew some question marks.

"To clean a men's suit we found prices ranging from about $5 dollars to $19," explained Brasler.

The mystery shoppers priced 12 different garments and found that some charged up to four times more.

Four shops in the Twin Cities are considered highly rated, including Clean'n'Press in Edina, Clover Cleaners in Bloomington, Viking Village Cleaners in Minneapolis and Camelot Cleaners in W. St. Paul.