MINNEAPOLIS -- In a year of uncertainty, one thing's for sure: the U.S. stock market is hot, surging to 14 record finishes since Donald Trump's election just a month ago.

"Investors are beginning to focus on low unemployment, the growing GDP," said Ben Marks, Chief Investment Officer at Marks Group Wealth Management. "So I think that's the primary reason we've seen the recent lift in the market."

But for every high, there's a low, and experts say this climb won't last forever. Smart investing means riding out the ups and downs, and with a new president who's known for doing the unexpected, that may be more true than ever before. Some analysts say the new administration will be pro business, and that could mean big changes for the market and, in turn, for those who play it.

"What we're telling our investors is, 'Let's be prepared when there are those bumps in the road, let's be prepared to take advantage of them,'" Marks said.

That means sticking to investment basics: Don't risk what you can't lose. Have patience. Buy and sell based on facts, not emotion. And know that it may not always be an easy ride.

"The euphoria you receive from investments going up pales in comparison in to the psychological pain people feel when it goes down," said Marks.

Still, experts say you can use those fluctuations to your advantage to buy low and sell high.