ST PAUL, Minn. -- Until recently, artist Beth Bowman only dreamed of a studio like this one. This is what the space used to look like, your typical unfinished attic in a St. Paul home.

But thanks to

Rebuilding Together's Home Repair program

, what a difference.

"I'm just really eternally grateful to be able to have this space and when I'm able to bring people here, I'm able to bring clients here to look at work," says Bowman.

"It's just amazing and I just thank god for all of them," is what Ora Lee Law says about the makeover of her North Minneapolis home.

Keeping things together is the house captain Jared Broghamer.

"I really like doing something that's going to try to make a difference," he says.

For six years now he's been working with Rebuilding Together to improve the lives of those who wouldn't normally be able to afford the projects.

Jared is involved in every aspect recruiting, training and supervising volunteers.

"I enjoy taking my knowledge from the construction industry and I've been able to do that through rebuilding together."

While his day job is with Mortenson Construction, there's no stopping on the weekends. In one year alone he clocked nearly 150 hours of volunteer time and there's no sign he's slowing down.