RAMSEY, Minn. - Police have charged two people in connection with a pipe bomb found at a Ramsey Fire Station.

Jacob Daniel Hall, 24, and Jennifer Marie Stuer, 25, both of Ramsey, face several charges which include explosive/incendiary device violations.

On Oct. 23, Ramsey Police were called to Ramsey Fire Station #2 on a report of a pipe bomb in the woods. Authorities found the device and destroyed it. An investigation led to the arrests of Hall and Stuer. Police say they admitted to planting the explosive, as well as several other crimes in the area.

Investigators learned that over the past year, both have built and detonated or attempted to detonate approximately six explosives. Of these, only one was reported to police. Hall and Stuer say most were planted in rural parts of Ramsey and away from people. Police believe there are no other such devices planted in the area.

The duo is also accused of stealing holiday light projectors, garden and lawn ornaments, and shooting metal balls with slingshots at garage doors and fences.

Police say if you believe such property was stolen or damaged, you're asked to call (763) 427-1212 and make a report.