MINNEAPOLIS - The 5-8 Club, home to the legendary Juicy Lucy, has topped the Travel Channel's "More Chowdown Countdown."

The show, which aired on Sunday night, lists America's top mouthwatering places to eat.

It is the second installment of the network special and featured 101 mouthwatering places to chow down in America.

"We were so excited just to be included in the 'Chowdown Countdown,'" said the 5-8 Club's Jill Skogheim. "This was about the hardest secret we've ever had to keep. Now we want to tell the world that we came in on top!"

As a token of appreciation, the 5-8 Club will offer a "chowdown" deal to members of its email club. The public is welcome to sign up for free membership at www.5-8Club.com.