MINNEAPOLIS -- eSports competitions are happening all over the Blizzcon floor.

At the World of Warcraft World Championships, the winners could take home nearly $300,000.

So what is Blizzcon? It's an annual event celebrating Blizzard games like Starcraft, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. This past weekend in Anaheim, California, nearly 30,000 people flew in from Minnesota and all over the world to be part of the show and see intense international competitions.

For some games, like Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, the prize pool was even bigger, at $1 million.

eSports are only getting more popular and they are now spreading into our area.

"We want to start to develop the rest of the ecosystem," said Kim Phan, Director of eSports at Blizzard Entertainment. "We are doing a lot of programs at the collegiate level, Heroes of the Dorm for Heroes, also for our collegiate championship for Hearthstone."

And that is happening here, with the group Minnesota Hearthstone.

"I kind of run smaller tournaments that are held locally where we will get 10 to 30 players who show up and they will all play together and have a tournament for maybe $20 or $50, a small prize pool," said Nolan Blasser, Minnesota Hearthstone.

For another popular eSport, Overwatch, you need to dedicate a lot of time to become a professional.

"As a semi-pro player we tend to practice four to five days a week," said Timothy O'Sullivan, semi-pro Overwatch player. "Either twp hours or anywhere from two hours to four hours."

O'Sullivan says he'll have to balance his schoolwork at Normandale and practice like any other athlete to maybe get sponsored and become a new pro player on the eSport scene.

If you are interested in learning more about our local eSports scene, check out Minnesota Hearthstone for information on their events.