ST. PAUL, Minn – There are simply aggressive door-to-door sales people. Then there are those who are seriously trying to rip you off.

For Amy Rayburn who has called St. Paul's east side home for most of her life, she believes she recently experienced the latter.

“I feel a little uneasy about it, honestly. He asked me if I lived alone. He asked me if my husband was home. Really strange,” she said.

Rayburn says the man came by around 9 p.m. claiming he was selling home security systems. She posted about her experience in a community Facebook group and says she had more than a dozen neighbors explain they had a similar experience.

“People were posting about the same thing. Same types of tactics,” Rayburn said. “When he was at my door I asked his name, for his ID. He wouldn’t give it.”

According to St. Paul Police, they do see a spike in aggressive or fraudulent door-to-door salesmen during the summer.

“Those very specific personal questions, that’s a red flag,” Sergeant Mike Ernster said.

In St. Paul each door-to-door salesman must apply and obtain a peddlers license. The salesperson, Ernster said, must also be wearing it around their neck and be willing to show it to you.

“They should answer your questions. Be willing to show you they are legitimate. If they don’t, you don’t have to spend another minute with them,” he added.

Most metro cities do require permits or licenses for door-to-door salespeople before they knock on doors. Police say always ask to see it. As for Rayburn, she says she asked the man to leave within a few minutes and had no issues.

“You have to know exactly who is coming to your house. Who is knocking on your door? It's important."