MINNEAPOLIS - The man at the center of a shocking kidnapping and assault case may have assaulted another woman two years earlier.

Thomas Barker is currently charged with kidnapping and holding an Alexandria teen captive for 29 days.
She escaped by swimming to safety earlier this month.

But KARE 11 Investigates discovered Barker was charged with another sexual assault just two years earlier, for allegedly holding a woman at gunpoint and demanding oral sex in 2015.

The case was dropped but KARE 11 obtained the police interviews detailing the alleged assault.

And the woman who accused Barker is sharing her story because she wants him punished.

"I thought he was going to kill me," the woman said in a phone interview.

Two years later, she is living a new life in another state, but she says she is still haunted by what she says Thomas Barker did to her.

"I have nightmares about it," she said.

A criminal complaint and a recorded police interview detail her allegations.

She told investigators she was driving in the car with Barker, a friend from high school, when he pulled down a remote road.

She says "he freaked out on me."

She says he demanded oral sex, and when she refused, he got angry and grabbed what looked to her like a handgun.

"What was I supposed to do? He had a gun to me you know," she told a detective at the time.

"I told him I was going to grab my phone. I was going to call the cops. That's when he shot again."

According to the criminal complaint, she was hit in the stomach and breast. She says Barker ended with a threat.
"He said if I told anybody he would make it worse for me," she said to the detective.

Barker was never convicted. The case was dropped before trial. Prosecutors say it's because the alleged victim stopped returning their calls. She now wonders if the case hadn't been dropped would Barker have been on the streets this summer, when the Alexandria teen was kidnapped.

"He needs to get in trouble for what he did. He needs to get punished for what he did and I don't want nobody else getting hurt again," she said by phone.

Barker is currently being held on $100,000 cash bail in the current Alexandria kidnapping case. He has not entered a plea yet, but his attorney says he expects Barker will plead not guilty.